Daily Lesson for May 19, 2017

Today’s Daily Lesson comes from Psalm 106 verses 14 and 15:

14 A craving seized them in the wilderness,
and they put God to the test in the desert.

15 He gave them what they asked,
but sent leanness into their soul.
“Be careful what you wish for,” we say, “because you might just get it.”

When we get what we crave and covet it’s never near as satisfying as we thought it would be. It’s the moment a child has busted open all her packages on Christmas morning, or the moment the last bit of the cotton candy has dissolved upon the tongue.

Actually, it’s worse. It’s Adam’s and Eve’s first and only bit into the apple. What was so pleasing to the eye spoils at the taste of tongue. It fills the stomach or the bank account or the garage but absolutely empties the soul.

What do you wish you had? I mean, what do you really wish you could get a taste of?

Careful. Careful whatever it is that you wish for . . .

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